Special Message From The Founder

You don't trust me...

I get it, we're still strangers. 

Here, take a copy of my Amazon best seller.
Let's use this as an ice breaker. 
100% Safe & Secure, Your Details Aren't Shared With Anyone.

Struggling to get your kids excited about investing?


Getting kids attention and keeping them excited...
is what we do best.

  • Zero Financial Literacy Knowledge Required
  • Works From Home And Inside Of A Classroom
  • Inspire, Encourage and Educate Like A Pro

Entrepreneur & Multi-Millionaire
Master P

See For Yourself...

So, Why A Boardgame?

Let's face it... teaching a financial literacy lesson from a book or a flashcard to an energy-filled child is like asking them to watch fresh-paint dry.
I can hear them now... "BOOORINGGGG"

That's where a "Program" (Boardgame) comes in.
A boardgame is like a trojan horse that will penetrate each busy little mind and motivate them to participate with the lesson. 

To children, it's just another fun game, but in reality... it's a life changing financial literacy tool. 

A Program Is The Secret To Your Success

It's what I used to get dramatic results with my children.

Without A Program

  • No Interest
  • Terrible Retention
  • Poor Comprehension

With A Program

  • Eager To Learn
  • High Level of Retention
  • Great Understanding of Material

Hey there, my name is Ivan. 

I am the founder of Headstart2riches.

In the past, I ran into all types of problems while trying to teach my kids financial literacy.

Fortunately, I came up with unique solution that worked wonders for my family...

 and I'm here to share it with you. 

Take a few moments to review my website and if you have any additional questions, 

don't hesitate to contact me.

Look at how well My Daughter London Did on her Final Exam...

Do you want to teach your kids 
the boring & ineffective way...
or the fun & easy way?

But that's not all Headstart2riches does ...

Headstart2Riches Gives you everything you need to Program your child to be successful

All in one convenient Spot!

Headstart2Riches is...

Your Child's Learning Hub

Teaching your kids financial literacy used to be a headache and felt more like a chore. 

What used to take forever to explain and teach can now be done in a single roll of the dice.

What makes Our Program Different?

Headstart2Riches Teaches Kids A Real-Life Wealth Building Strategy

most financial literacy programs that teach kids how to Regurgitate vocabulary words, Save money, budget, and invest in an interest earning account ...


We program kids to recruit a dream team, get a pitch deck, pitch investors, make acquistions, build a Conglomerate, make a successful exit, and give their heirs a head start 2 riches. 

This is all done, unconsciously and automatically... with a smile on their face.

By the time we're through with them, your kids will be wealth-building "marco-thinkers."

Do you in the Cleveland, Ohio area?

If so, consider trying a live workshop... 
4 days per week we offer unique tutoring services 
focused specifically on financial literacy and entrepreneurship for kids.

ready to book a session?

Call 216-678-3232

We're conveniently  located at 8812 Tyler Blvd, Mentor Ohio 44060
Feel Free To Email Us At Ivan@Headstart2Riches.com

want to learn more about our program?

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